GB EditoriA is a Roman publisher founded in 2005 that specializes in books about Art, Architecture and Interior design. It also issues Anastatic reproductions of publications relevant to contemporary cultural problems.

It organizes cultural events and exhibitions at its studio at Vicolo Savelli 9, near the Piazza Navona, in Rione Parione, a neighborhood known for its publishing activities since the Renaissance.

The headquarters of GB EditoriA are located in the courtyard of a Renaissance palace, an environment that suits our mission perfectly.

The founder of GB EditoriA is Ginevra Bentivoglio who took her Laurea in the History of Art and has a post-graduate degree in Conservation and Development of the Artistic Patrimony. She has a passion for books and a family background in historical studies. She oversees all aspects of the Pressís activity and authors can expect her help from the initial conceptualization and organization of the project to the final editing of the text.

The editors of GB EditoriA are friends who share a common passion for books. They all have a classical and a historical education. Their expertise in languages, information technology, and graphic design covers all aspects of the modern publishing process. The press coordinates all the editorial processes, including the acquisition and preparation of images, the production of indices and bibliographies, and all the requirements of post-production.

GB EditoriA is a team of young professionals who are working for a new future through the study and analysis of tradition, history, and culture.

casa editrice specializzata in Edizioni díArte, Archeologia, Architettura, Ambiente e in ristampe Anastatiche


info@gbeditoria.it / vicolo Savelli, 9 - roma / tel & fax: 06.6868110